Financial Management

At Footprint Sports, we have extensive experience in all the relevant areas of financial management. We handle contract negotiations, relocation allowance, tax efficiency planning and sponsorship negotiation. We work with a team of external financial and legal professionals, experienced in advising professional sportspersons, to support their role in these areas:

  • International tax planning & administration
  • Tax efficient structuring of playing & image rights contracts
  • Image rights protection & exploitation
  • Personal wealth management
  • Retirement planning
  • Wills & inheritance planning
  • Charity Formation

At Footprint, we invest time in developing a long-term financial strategy with each of our clients.
We see ourselves as their trusted advisers, allowing the player the freedom to focus solely on their sport, safe in the knowledge, that their off-field affairs are being carefully & professionally managed.

We too are conscious of the relatively short window as an elite professional sportsperson, so as a consequence, we put in place, a plan to provide for the client, not only during, but also after their sporting career. This plan will remain part of each contract negotiation.

We have developed significant experience in negotiating professional playing contracts on behalf of our clients, whilst also identifying commercial opportunities, one’s best suited to each individual, enabling them create additional income sources.

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