Andy Kenny – Managing Director

Andy graduated from University College Dublin in 2004, with an honours degree in Sports Management and has been working within the sports business ever since.

Andy set up his first company, Target Golf Management, in July 2003. A passionate golfer, he set about creating a career for himself in an industry that he found enjoyable. Andy has since expanded his golf business, founding the My Golf Group in 2007 and the subsequent establishment of Synergy Golf in 2012.

Golf and football have always been Andy’s shared passions. In 2013, Andy decided to venture into the world of professional football. Andy completed the FIFA player’s agent exam in September of that year and became a licensed FIFA agent.

Andy’s knowledge, passion and expertise are vital to the company. Andy has forged an impressive career and has managed multiple successful sports businesses, over the past 12 years. Andy is an integral part of the Footprint Sports team, with strong business, analytical and negotiation skills.

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