Our Team

Footprint Sports was established in 2014 by Andy Kenny, Graham Keane, Mick Lawlor and Dr. Alan Byrne. Our company, along with an extended network of experts, guarantee to provide an unparalleled sports management service.

Over the years we have added even more experience to the Footprint Sports family, Greg Costello, Pat Deans (Strength & Conditioning), Jason Colwell and Steven Gray have all joined the team. Their experience and expertise on all matters pertaining to football is unparalleled.

Through our wider network of experienced business professionals, which span all the key areas of client needs, we provide an extensive range of services. These include player representation through contract negotiation, financial planning, medical evaluation and family support.

The Footprint Sports team has been carefully selected. Each of the individual services we offer, is handled by an expert, within that particular field. This is reflected in the company’s ability to offer unrivaled advice and support to all our clients and thier families.

Licensed Sports Management Ireland