Alan & Sue Kinsella

Parents of Stephen Kinsella (Signed for Everton 2014)

“As parents, we had discussed and agreed what we felt was in our Son’s best interest to help in his potential football career and we needed someone to represent our point of view in negotiations with Premiership Clubs. From the start it was clear that Footprint understood and respected our views and were very supportive of them.

It was also very important to us that we could have absolute Trust in the people we chose to represent our Son and in Footprint, we knew we had the right people. They were very easy to speak to, very personable, but it was also clear that they were very Professional and understood the Business. When it came to the meetings and negotiations, they continued to have our best interests at heart and were Tenacious in ensuring that our wishes were well represented.

They also always made early contact with us, to ensure we were up to date on any developments. When agreement was reached, they didn’t rest until all the loose ends were tied up and to this day, they continue to support and advise us. We have no hesitation in saying that getting Footprint to represent our Son was the best thing we could have done for him.”

Licensed Sports Management Ireland